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Help With Your Own Shooting

If you suspended a bow and arrow in the air and drew it back and let it go every arrow would go to the same spot. Why don't your arrows go to the same spot? The reason is that you are interfering with the bow.

1) Get a full length mirror you can stand in front of. This is a great way to see your own form. Where is that elbow? Where are your feet? At the end of your legs, I hope. How are you holding your head? You can't see yourself as others do, but a mirror is better than a friend, it won't lie to you....

Line of Force


The best way I can help you see the Line of Force is to get you to take a string, tie a loop on one end and put your string arm through the loop so it wraps around your elbow. Now take the other end of the string in your left hand and hold it out like you are holding...

The best way I have found to help you find a natural and comfortable stance upon which to build your shot is the following:
First of all what is the purpose of the stance? The purpose of the stance other than keeping your ass off the ground is to align your upper body to the target without...